Get to know talented and versatile actor Jonathan Dubsky

Jonathan Dubsky does it all. He is an actor, producer, director, writer, cinematographer, and even a former lead singer of the band called Mosaic. Gamers will recognize him as one of the lead “hacktivists” named “Hawt Sauce” in Ubisoft’s new ‘Watch Dogs 2.’ Out of Montreal, Dubsky is also known for his roles in in CBC’s “18 to life,” Bravo’s “19-2” and FXX’s “Man Seeking Woman.” He’s acted alongside Vanessa Hudgens in the film “Beastly,” was with Nicholas Hoult in “Warm Bodies,” “Pawn Sacrifice” opposite Tobey Maguire and Live Schreiber in “Pawn Sacrifice.” His advice to actors: Improve their storytelling by making their own films.


Actor Jonathan Dubsky.
Photo courtesy of Lane Dorsey, used with permission.

Colleen Bement: You voice Josh aka “Hawt Sauce” in Ubisoft’s open-world action-adventure game ‘Watch Dogs 2.’ Can you tell us about him?

Jonathan Dubsky: Josh Sauchak is the computer hacker genius behind San Francisco’s division of Dedsec. He’s quiet; a little reserved but definitely speaks up when he has something to say. Most of the time he prefers to deal with machines rather than people. Josh is a pretty incredible character, very intelligent and I think the fans of the game caught on that Josh acts and speaks differently than the rest of the crew. That is because Josh has Asperger’s Syndrome. When the CTOS 2.0 deemed Josh unfit for future employment, due to his “condition,” Dedsec snatched him up, seeing the incredible potential that is Josh.


CB: I read that you are an avid gamer. What are you top favorite games right now?

JD: I’m anxiously anticipating the next Zelda release, so right now I am going through the last few Zelda games and I’m about half way through my third pass at Zelda: Skyward Sword. I’ve also been playing with a group of online gamers for over half a decade now. We all met playing a game called Tribes Ascend and have been playing together since. At this moment though, most of my gaming time includes ‘Watch Dogs 2′ and this incredible game called Rocket League. It’s absolutely addictive.


CB: How did you become such an eclectic show biz talent?

JD: I’m not really sure. Everything started with acting, and I began filmmaking around the same time as I started working as an actor. I think part of me didn’t like the idea that I needed other people’s approval in order to do what I love to do. And now, filmmaking is more affordable than ever, so it’s really just a matter of being motivated, finding others who share that passion and then making your own work. It’s two crafts that complement one another, which is why I would always encourage any actor who’s looking at improving their storytelling to start making their own films.

CB: You were in the film “Warm Bodies.” That movie made me all kinds of happy. What was your experience like on the set?

JD: Well, it’s funny. I had a very small part in the film that only required me to shoot for a day or two, but then a few months later we all got called back because they had written a new intro scene which meant we were back for a few more days. I love when that happens. The atmosphere on set was really easy going. The director, Jon Levine, had a good relationship with the cast and crew and definitely liked to laugh. Getting to work with Theresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton, Dave Franco and Nicholas Hoult was a great experience. Anytime you’re around actors who are doing the kind of work you wish you could be doing, it’s hard not to watch and soak everything in. I spent a lot of time watching the director of photography, this wonderful, incredibly sweet old man named Javier Aguirresarobe.


Actor Jonathan Dubsky.
Photo courtesy of Lane Dorsey, used with permission.

CB: I love it that you cry during a sad movie. What movies are on your film “bucket list” to see right now?

JD: I’ll cry during happy movies too, which is one of my favorite types of crying. This concerns people sometimes. Right now, I’m going through a bunch of Netflix shows that I’ve somehow managed to miss when the rest of the world was hooked. So I’m midway through “Homeland,” which is just great. As far as movies go, I won some tickets to the next “John Wick” film, so I’ll be seeing that soon. But I’m absolutely dying to see “Split,” with James McAvoy. I remember, years ago, seeing him in the “Chronicles of Narnia” and thinking here is a guy who’s incredibly connected to his character, to his emotions and his fellow actors. He’s arguably one of my favorite performers today. He’s so emotionally available and vulnerable. Love that guy. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to work with him! You reading this James? You better be.


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