Get to know ‘Supernatural’ guest star Nils Hognestad

Actor Nils Hognestad had some fabulous stories to tell about life and experiences on set. Originally from Bergen, Norway, the talented actor is best known for his role in “Lake Placid 3,” “Fighting Free,” and “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.” Now Hognestad will be recognized from his cool roles in both the upcoming CW hit shows “Supernatural” and as King Arthur in ” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”


Colleen Bement: My readers would love to hear all about your experiences on the set of “Supernatural.” You’ve been in the episode ‘Shut Up, Dr. Phil” and now the anticipated new episode ‘Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets.’ Any shenanigans on set?

Nils Hognestad : Shooting “Supernatural” the first time around in season five and getting the opportunity to act alongside Jensen was such a fun opportunity. Working with the lead cast and the crew of “Supernatural” is such a treat; that show is such a well oiled machine that makes going to set feel like a trip to the spa. And to come back in season 12 for ‘Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets’ as a wholly different character was an actor’s dream come true. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself, the Angel Akobel had better be vastly different from Chris the Hairdresser, or you’ll be harassed by “Supernatural” fans for the rest of your life. As for on-set shenanigans… working in Vancouver and dealing with the rain and mud and costume pieces from the early 1900s posed a hilarious problem when trying to stick to what the script said; with all the fight sequences and expensive costumes that couldn’t be damaged. But from what I’ve seen, the final product is quite beautiful.

Actor Nils Hognestad; photo courtesy of Karolina Turek, used with permission

CB: Tell your fans about your role and time on the set of the films “Crash Pad” and “Rufus-2.”

NH: I loved shooting both “Crash Pad” and “Rufus-2.” Being a classically trained actor, I always love the challenge of doing comedy- because contrary to common belief, it’s actually harder. To try and keep the script fresh after the 15th take and the 3rd set up, you really have to dig deep. That being said, in both films, the cast was so funny and lovely to be around, so it really felt like we were just playing. In “Crash Pad,” I play a flamboyant New Clerk that takes over Domhnall Gleeson’s job. We shot in The Source one of my favorite antique stores in Vancouver, so in between takes, I was able to peruse through all the cool things that I wanted to spend my movie money on. As for “Rufus 2,” that experience wasn’t as clean. I played a Pirate Waiter in a seafood restaurant who serves the kids on their double date, and as shenanigans ensue with them turning into cats and dogs, I end up with a plate of pasta all over my head. I knew what I was getting myself into, but the background performers that day didn’t know what saucy mess hit them. After the release of ‘Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets’, I’m looking very forward to seeing the final product of my guest star role as King Arthur on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” in ‘Camelot 3000.’ THAT was a literal dream come true, being able to play my childhood hero and have battle scenes in the mud & snow. It’s assured to be a beautiful episode that will be airing on Valentine’s Day, also on the CW.

CB: I see that you were born in Norway. Where do you call home now, and how did you get into the acting business?

NH: You don’t know how complicated that question is. Home really is where my heart is at that time, and right now, it’s in Vancouver. This is where my direct family lives and have settled, and this will always be my home base. There aren’t many places in the world that allow you to ski in the mountains, hike in the woods, and swim in the ocean all in one day. I got involved in acting at the age of nine. We were living in England at the time, and every weekend my parents would see a big musical in the West End (Which is London’s Broadway). I begged them every time to take me with them, but they had heard horror stories of families spending absurd amounts of money to see a show, and the kids would be so bored by intermission, that they had to go home. So, finally my mom said we could see one musical the weekend before we were moving back to Vancouver. We looked at the Playbills and could choose any one show. I didn’t care. ‘Any of them’, I said. My sister, being obsessed with cats, chose “Cats,” so we saw that. My mother said from the moment the show started until it ended, I was awestruck, completely engaged, and sitting at the edge of my seat. She knew from that moment on I’d be an actor. As soon as we moved back to Vancouver, I got my first on camera agent at the age of ten. I participated in every community theater production, elementary & high school productions, and low budget films. After I graduated high school, I went to Ryerson University in Toronto and got my BFA, then I moved back to London and got my MFA from LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art), and have been working steadily since then across Europe and North America.

CB: Do you have any social causes close to your heart?

NH: I like the wording of your question. Ironically enough, I do have one social cause very close to my heart, and that would be matters of the heart. Namely, Cardiology. I have had multiple open heart surgeries and have been volunteering with the Pacific Open Heart Association at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver for the past 3 years. I hand out heart pillows to open heart surgery patients and sit and talk with them about anything that may come up. Whether that be just assuring them that they’re in the best hands in possibly all the world, or giving them tips on recovery. It’s always interesting seeing someone in their 60’s seeing me, half their age, giving them advice. I always have to tell them, I know exactly what you’re going through, I’ve also had my pulmonary valve replaced, or, I also had endocarditis, but that was many years ago. I do hope to eventually volunteer in the cardiology ward at The Children’s Hospital, but as it stands currently, having the opportunity to put anyone’s mind or heart at ease is fulfilling enough.


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