What to know for your week of geek Jan. 16, 2017

The first “Twin Peaks” teaser trailer is available along with a complete cast list, and fans are no doubt freaking out. Check out the latest news.

Denver nerds hungry for knowledge can soak it all up at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s adult programs.

Kyle MacLachlan in “Twin Peaks” Credit to YouTube


Twin Peaks teaser trailer and big guest stars

Showtime has released a sweet little teaser trailer for the return of “Twin Peaks.” It shows Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper, and a welcome to Twin Peaks sign. Funny how the sign hasn’t changed. The population seems to have remained the same at 51,201. The theme music had a nice little change to Angelo Badalamenti’s original arrangement, and the woods are looking pretty creepy.The important news is that fans now have an official release date of Sunday, May 21, 2017. David Lynch and Mark Frost’s series returns with 18 hours of hopefully some answers and maybe more questions. It is pretty fitting that there are so many secrets surrounding this show’s return.

Filming has finished the list of stars on the show’s IMDB is pretty jaw-dropping. Dropping in for an episode are stars like Jim Belushi, Laura Dern, Richard Chamberlain, Michael Cera, David Duchovny, Ernie Hudson, Ashley Judd, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Josh McDermitt, Tim Roth, Eddie Vedder, Ethan Suplee, Naomi Watts, Alicia Witt, and lots more.

According to David Lynch, he never thought he would revisit the series, yet at a recent Television Critics Association press panel, he told reporters that he had been thinking a lot about that famous world over the past 25 years. “I love this world of “Twin Peaks” and I often thought about what might be happening. I often just remembered the beautiful world and the beautiful characters,” he confessed. Apparently it was Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost who talked him into coming back to it.

For those who have yet to discover what everyone has been talking about for 25 years, Showtime will air the entire first season on January 14th. Heads up, UK. The “Twin Peaks” season three premiere will air as a simulcast on Sky Atlantic at 2:00am Monday morning, May 22nd.

The Science Lounge at Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Credit to DMNS

Denver Museum of Nature and Science makes adult learning fun

The January and February Science Lounge event information is out and both promise to be a blast. As always, the DMNS offers up the coolest adult learning programs with their “after hours” events. For those who have not attended a Science Lounge, it is a must on a to-do list. Once a month parts of the museum are opened up for a few hours’ cocktails and learning. It is a fabulous way to socialize while rekindling that quest for knowledge.

The Science Lounge at Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Credit to DMNS

January’s event is called “What Makes Us Human?” Check out the very cool details of this event.

Ponder the existential question while delving into the ancient past and current events to explore language, behavior, and ritual. We’re partnering with Sapiens, a new online magazine hosted by the Museum, to bring the study of what it means to be human to you. Get exclusive access to the Museum’s Anthropology collections with a behind the scenes tour, craft a figurine inspired by a prehistoric artifact, and compare skulls of early ancestors to find out if size really does matter.

Date/Time: Thursday, January 19, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Tickets: $13 members, $15 nonmembers. Remember this event is 21 and up.

The Science Lounge at Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Credit to DMNS

Next month’s Science Lounge is called “Caffeine.” February 16th will bring us the chance to learn about the science and botany of coffee beans and how caffeine affects the body. Even the cocktails will have caffeine in them!

The museum has other amazing adult activities with their “After Hours” programs. January 25th will be “60 Minutes in Space” where attendees will get the chance to lose themselves in learning at the Gates Planetarium and see outer space through the use of animation and best images available. Attention John Fielder fans: Check out “Celebrating 100 Years of Rivers, Ruins, and Mountains with John Fielder.” Both of these will take place on January 25th.


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