Interview with ‘Supernatural’ producer Jim Michaels

Jim Michaels had confidence that “Supernatural” would be renewed for a 13th season, and knows that there was no luck involved. The entire cast and crew worked hard to make it happen year after year. Michaels has served as a producer and co-executive producer of the hit CW series since 2010, and seven seasons later it looks like there is no end in sight. The Chicago, IL born talent is also known for his work on “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Reasonable Doubts,” and “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

Colleen Bement: “Supernatural’s season 13 early pick up was awesome news. What was your reaction, and do you think 13 will be a lucky number?

Jim Michaels: I had great confidence that a season 13 would happen but was pleasantly surprised it happened this early. Peter Roth, President of Warner Bros. Television and Mark Pedowitz, President of the CW, have always been great supporters of “Supernatural.” On top of that, when your lead cast members are all enthusiastic about continuing on, I think it was a predictable outcome. I believe that everyone who works on “Supernatural” worked very hard for it to be this “Lucky!” Actual “Luck” might be getting to season 21!

“Supernatural” producer Jim Michaels, Photo credit to Jacquie Michaels

CB: I hear from a lot of fans that they love the “monster of the week” episodes, and so far this season there have been some fabulous ones. Will that continue through the second half of this season 12?

JM: Monsters of the week have always been a center piece of the scary elements of the show. I love the fact that we continually bring back monsters from the past while introducing new ones from so many various cultures from around the world. There are still so many to explore. Stay tuned!

CB: I say this as an avid fan; thankfully “Supernatural” is taking up so much of your time. Just curious, do you have anything else in the works that you’d like to chat about?

JM: I finished work on a labor of love documentary with Sean Astin (yes the real Sean Astin) and Mark Marshall (Free Willy) about the largest US maritime disaster in United States History that you have probably never heard of. It is called “Remember the Sultana.” The disaster occurred on the Mississippi river shortly after the civil war on April 26, 1865. Over 1,800 souls perished that were (mostly) recently freed prisoners of war U.S. Union Soldiers who were on their way home.

CB: You do a great job keeping up with your fans with your quotes of the days and episode prep tweets. Is there a story behind you how you came to call your fans “Jimions?”

JM: Misha already had “Minions,” Cliff Kosterman had his Cliffhangers (Which is a great one by the way) and nothing else seemed to come to mind — I prefer my new catch phrase “I’m under the influence of fun!”

CB: How did you catch the show biz bug?

JM: Not sure I would call it a bug, or how I caught it for that matter, but to use a quote by Diana Ross in a slightly different way “If there is cure for this, I don’t want it!”


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