What to know for your week of geek Jan. 3, 2017

The New Year is here and there is plenty to chat about for your week of geek Jan. 3, 2017. For the listening and viewing pleasure, there are some very nice Sci-Fi audiobooks that have come out, and the much anticipated new “Blade Runner” may bring back one of the original replicants. Oh, and by the way, Felicia Day is pregnant!

Felicia Day Photo credit to YouTube.

It’s a girl!

Felicia Day is pregnant! The popular actress announced on Twitter and Instagram just hours ago that she is about three weeks away from having a baby girl. The news sent shockwaves of happiness across nerd fandom, and of course, some are wondering: Who is the father? Well according to WDW, she appears to be single at the moment. Rumor has it that back in 2014 she had a relationship with Nathan Fillion, yet she has kept her private life to herself. Best known as Charlie from “Supernatural,” Penny from “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” and Codex from “The Guild,” Day has been tweeting that she’s planning to take parenting tips from “Supernatural” co-star Misha Collins.

Congratulations Felicia!

Original replicant to make a major appearance in “Blade Runner 2049”

The latest news from the hugely anticipated film “Blade Runner 2049” is that one of the original replicants will be back. According to Slash Film, the character will be in multiple shots-not just a gratuitous cameo. Who will it be? Will it be Rachael? Will it be Roy? How about Pris? Will these be CGI miracles like the ones seen in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story?” Fans will just have to keep guessing until there is more confirmation from the studio. Thankfully at least we have Harrison Ford reprising his role as Rick Deckard.

The story will take place 30 years after Ridley Scott’s 1982 movie and has some big time actors listed. Ryan Gosling is a new blade runner out of Los Angeles who uncovers a secret that leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford). Jared Leto and Robin Wright are also on the stellar cast. Eager audiences will find out on the release date of Oct. 6, 2017.

New Sci-Fi audiobooks are out

Audible has three new books out offering some wonderful Sci-Fi stories to enjoy. Audiobooks are such a fun and convenient way to soak up the stories while driving, passing time on that treadmill, cooking, or just chilling out.

  • We are Legion (We are Bob)”
  • Written by Dennis E. Taylor and narrated by Ray Porter, “We are Legion (We are Bob)” is about a man who had his head cryogenically frozen and wakes up 117 years later as a government computer program. His task will be to find new planets to colonize in order to save the human race. The book takes the reader on a story of survival amidst pop culture references and wise-cracking one-liners that is sure to entertain.
  • Miniatures: the Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi
  • John Scalzi is a Hugo Award winning writer out of Los Angeles, CA well known for books such as “Old Man’s War,” “Redshirts,” and “Lock In,” and so many more. Audible has released “Miniatures: the Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi” to thrill the listener with a set of short and to the point sci-fi stories.
  • Snapshot
  • Brandon Sanderson’s novella “Snapshot” is set to thrill listeners thanks to Audible. A fantasy and science fiction author known “The Wheel of Time,” and the books series’ “Mistborn” and “The Stormlight Archive,” Sanderson is a well-known and influential writer.

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