Interview with super popular nerd band H2 Awesome

H2 Awesome brought some serious entertainment last week getting fans ready for the release of “Rogue One.” Founded by comic book writers, artists, filmmakers and the like, this epic nerd band describes themselves as a cross between Weezer and Iggy Pop. Whether you’re checking them out live or online, they jam with hilarious lyrics and fabulous sounds. Check out their first EP Zero Charisma, and catch up with band member Jeff LaGreca to see what the band is up to.


Colleen Bement: What inspired you guys to put on these concerts this week, and just how big of “Stars Wars” fans are you?

H2 Awesome: We are Huge “Star Wars” geeks. My middle name is IG-88 and i have a tattoo of the planet Yavin on my “yavin.” Steve Bessette, creative director at the Alamo Drafthouse is a huge supporter of many of our creative endeavors. We played the opening of “Force Awakens” last year and it was an amazing time. So we’re back this year with more fun pre-show stuff. We have been doing nerdy events with Stoney’s (Stoney’s Bar & Grill) for a bit now! They are an awesome place and Cortney, Will and Alexis asked us if we’d do something with them. We came up with “Star Wars” Eve and the “Star Wars” Spelling Bee last year, so this is kind of our second annual party.

CB: How do you guys keep yourself sane while on the road? Any chance you do anything nerdy like gaming?

H2: We’re big DnD fans. It’s hard to get that stuff going with busy adult lives. We spend much of our time creating. (Jeff just finished his first YA novel. Charlie is the founder of DINK Denver (Denver’s Independent Comic Expo). We haven’t been on the road enough, but there’s a huge chance we’ll do some touring this spring.

CB: What do you guys have in the works? New songs? Concerts?

H2: Yes, i think we’ve got enough songs that we could have a new one to follow up our first EP Zero Charisma. DINK is April 8 and 9, 2017. We just produced Rock Comic Con X with the New York Comic Con and will probably do another. Jeff is working on his second novel. Charlie is working with CUER on the follow-up comic to Mayah’s Lot. Probably more nerdy fun and music with Stoney’s down the road.


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