Alfonso Herrera chats ‘Sense8’ season two and the Christmas Special

Talented actor Alfonso Herrera took time out of his busy schedule to spill some details on the highly anticipated “Sense8: A Christmas Special” due out this week. Known for his amazing roles as Hernando in “Sense8” and Father Tomas Ortega in the TV series “The Exorcist,” this Monterrey, Mexico born heartthrob had plenty to say about his shows. “Sense8” fans have been anxiously waiting season two of the Netflix hit, and thankfully the two-hour treat premieres this Friday, Dec. 23, 2016.


Colleen Bement: What is it like to be part of “Sense8?”

Alfonso Herrera: It’s a huge honor to be part of such an amazing story. I’m proud to be part of such a revolutionary director, and a revolutionary platform. Also it is a story that celebrates diversity, and right now it is an important thing to celebrate; diversity all over the world. I’m very lucky to part of it.


CB: What can you share about the experience coming back together to film season two?

AH: We had the experience to receive Lana (Wachowski), and to receive all the “Sense8” here in Mexico City. We also have the opportunity, specifically Miguel and me, to not just film here in Mexico City; but we were able to travel to Brazil and to Los Angeles to expand a little bit more of the Mexico City story. It will have a lot to do with Lito, and a lot of things are going to happen; specifically in the Christmas special.

Christmas is a day when people come together; when families come together, and when entire societies and communities all come together. It’s like a bridge that I think Lana, in a very smart way, wanted to share. This story has to do with sharing, and bringing people together. There are many questions that were set in the first season are going to be answered, and because of that, many other questions are going to be planted to not just transform the story, but to expand it.

When we were all meeting in Brazil, we all read the story. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I couldn’t believe that Lana told the story in such real dimensions. It put the story in an amazing place, and everybody was like WOW, Lana. We couldn’t believe what she wrote for the second season. People are going to be very happy, that’s for sure.



CB: You play Father Tomas Ortega on “The Exorcist.” I’m curious, has anything odd happened on the set? I heard that a priest actually came to bless the set.

AH: Luckily, no. But yes, a priest came to bless the whole set before we started shooting. It was a very interesting experience to see a priest bless the whole space where we would be working for the next three months. What I can say is that I totally respect that. At the very beginning when I first approached about the story, I was a little bit skeptical. I have to say that after entering into this world that has to do with battle between good and evil, we have to acknowledge that light and darkness exist. A balance could be appreciated by every single person in this world. I think we are trying to portray this battle that has existed since the beginning of time. Let’s hope there’s a season two.


CB: How have “Sense8” and “The Exorcist” changed your life?

AH: I think that my main purpose when I work is to seek and to find interesting stories and interesting characters. I look for stories and characters that challenge me, make me learn, and get me out of my comfort zone. For an example, in “The Exorcist” I had the opportunity to share the set with Geena Davis. She’s an amazing icon in terms of film. How generous she was on the set, and how talented she is, and having the possibility to connect and to share scenes with her was amazing. Also the opportunity to share the set with one of the most generous, loyal, and talented actors I’ve met; Ben Daniels. He plays Fathers Marcus, and it was a total blessing to encounter him. Also at the same time, having the possibility to share the set with Lana Wachowski, and with James, was mind blowing.


CB: You happen to also be a talented singer. Do you find any time to sing at all?

AH: Yes. Yes. When I’m in the shower. Right now I am so focused on projects like “Sense8” and “The Exorcist,” and I just finished a film in Spain called “The Chosen.” There are talks of an alternative release.


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