Denver geeks celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Eve with H2 Awesome

It was the night before “Rogue One” and all through Denver, “Star Wars” fans were all ready to celebrate. Thankfully the epic band H2 Awesome really knew how to put on a party. The midichlorians were really flowing through Stoney’s Bar and Grill as they played amazing hosts to the event last night Dec. 14, 2016. Well known nerd band H2 Awesome jammed out some “Star Wars” themed tunes and offered up super trivia and a costume contest with some must have prizes.

Sponsored by DINK (Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo), the “Star Wars” Eve party was a rockin’ good time. Band member Charlie LaGreca dished out the trivia questions to those contestants brave enough to be quizzed up on stage. They ranged from obscure references to a spelling bee asking everything from Obi-wan Kenobi to Moradim Bast. They played great original songs like featuring a ditty about Luke’s teenage angst called “Uncle Owen,” and got the entire room singing with Weird All’s “Star Wars: The Saga Begins.” The entertainment was provided by a combination of the Denver bands H2 Awesome and Daenerys and the Targaryens cosplayed as Rey, Han Solo, Porkins, and Dark Helmet. Charlie LaGreca was on vocals, Suzanne Slade was on guitar, Marcus Swain was on bass, and shockingly playing with a broken hand was Jeff LaGrea. Poor guy said said he broke his hand in a battle on Mustafar.

Stoney’s was huge! What used to be two bars has been combined to be practically an amusement park of TVs, a ton of seating, and nice big stag. The smiling wait staff served up fantastic nachos, tasty sliders, and a good variety of beers. Added bonus to this place is this place has gone green. Stoney’s mantra is reuse, reclaim, and rethink; they are serious about their sustainability.


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