What to know for your week of geek, Dec. 12, 2016

Just in: What you need to know for your week of geek!


It’s finally “Rogue One” time!
Got your cosplay ready? Got your tickets? “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” opens this Friday Dec. 16, 2016 and fans could not be more excited. Some are looking forward to meeting original characters that take a break from the “Skywalker storyline,” and getting the change to explore more of the galaxy. Others are excited for the epic battles in space and a female protagonist.


As if we all didn’t know, it is the first of the “Star Wars” standalone movies and focuses on the group of rebels responsible for stealing the plans for the evil Empire’s deadly weapon. It would be helpful to remember the end of “Revenge of the Sith” with the Emperor and the recently crowned Darth Vader at his side, they were looking upon the start of the construction of the Death Star.
How to get ready:
1.) For pretty much all of us who weren’t lucky enough to be on the Red Carpet live on December 10th, check out this cool premiere coverage. Scroll to the 58:29 minute mark to watch the presentation.
2.) Fine tune that cosplay or look for those T-shirts.
3.) Get in the mood by watching episode three again.
4.) Get to know the cast of “Rouge One” by checking out IMDB.

5.) Don’t have your tickets yet? Check Fandango to get that done!


Catch up on “The Walking Dead” mid-season finale.
Last warning…
Last Sunday’s TWD episode was called “Hearts Still Beating” and viewers may be able to actually crack a smile. With its controversial opener, season seven has been anything but kind to say the least; yet say what you want about Negan, he is at the very least entertaining. In last week’s episode “Sing Me a Song, viewers were treated to Negan’s evil and charming personality in his mind torture of poor Carl.
After Sunday night, fans finally had a glimmer of hope. Negan is still at Rick’s place with baby Judith in arms and Carl at his side, terrified. Rick and Aaron had some luck finding weapons, and Michonne came to her senses and returned home. The big news is that Daryl escaped the Sanctuary and is headed back home. Spencer met his fate. Is anyone even sorry?
“Westworld” season two hints
Season two of HBO’s fantastic series “Westworld” will dive into some details. For those who are wondering about the price tag on a Westworld adventure is, how are the guests provided their meals, and just how many parks there are; some answers are in store in season two. According to TVLine, viewers will find out just like it’s like to be a guest of the park, before all hell breaks loose again.
By the way, “Westworld” has been nominated for some shiny Golden Globes including Best Drama, Best Actress; Evan Rachel Wood, and Best Supporting Actress; Thandie Newton.




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