Geeks Who Drink to host nationwide ‘Supernatural’ pub quiz

Geeks Who Drink, “Pudding! A Supernatural QuizPhoto courtesy of Ken Brill at Geeks Who Drink, used with permission

Well, it is about time. Geeks Who Drink has announced a quiz just for us “hunters.” The super popular pub quiz organization is hosting “Pudding! A Supernatural Quiz” and it is headed to bars nationwide from LA to DC on Oct. 26, 2016. I can’t imagine any other fandom that is more prepared to shine at a theme quiz than “Supernatural” fans.We can pretty much list every song on Dean Winchester‘s cassette tapes. There is not a demon, ghost, nor vampire that we don’t know how to fight. No doubt the tables will be lined with plaid shirts and themed T’s, and you better believe it, these fans know how to drink. (Head’s up to the pubs; cheeseburgers and pie will be the favorites on the menus).


For those who have not had the chance to party at a Geeks Who Drink event, where have you been? These events are hugely popular and always a good time. It’s a great place to build a team of nerdy friends or come meet some new ones. You know you’ll be in good company as geeks pretty much all speak the same language. It’s all about fun and some good, clean friendly competition. Fair warning, though: These quizmasters are on top of it! They absolutely know their stuff, and the questions are challenging. Study the lore, hunters. Study the lore.


For more information and how to register your team, check out the Geeks Who Drink website. There’s more than your reputation at stake. Winner gets a nice cash prize, so get started that research.


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