Kristie Good’s new book makes cosplay costume making easy

Good makes cosplay costume making easy with her new book “Epic Cosplay Costumes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making and Sewing Your Own Costume Designs.”

This new step-by-step book is seriously the ultimate guide to creating that original costume of your dreams. Award-winning manga-styled artist and costume designer, Kristie Good (aka Karmada), has zeroed in on what many people crave. The illustrations and “how-to’s” offer up help on designing cosplay for sci-fi, steampunk, superhero, anime, and fantasy. Cosplayers are filled with ideas and creativity, yet it is not easy to convert a piece of material into a superhero. This book makes a great companion to that sewing machine and glue gun.

Everyone appreciates a costume made by hand with love and passion in every stitch. What is ideal about this book is the way she illustrates how to create the perfect basic outfit, and then how to build upon it. The specs and patterns are clear and easy to understand, while the photos are bright, colorful, and show off what is important to the reader. Whether you’re building a costume worthy of Hollywood, or keeping it simple and sweet, Good lays out the steps. Within these pages are instructions complete with a detailed list of materials and supplies, patterns, measurements, and additional accessory ideas. Why guess what kind of paint to buy ? What type of glue will stick? Before you waste time, money, and patience, why not learn from the best and do it right the first time!

Bonus, this “Epic Cosplay Costumes” is out just in time for Halloween, and it will come in handy for idea brainstorming and making that show stopping outfit. Good covers wigs and hair, mixing and matching, and even handy convention survival tips. Even veteran con-goers can benefit from these awesome tips; especially on how to be photographed.You worked hard on that costume, and want it to shine, right?

Kristie Good (aka Karmada), award-winning manga-styled artist and costume designer

Snag your copy of her book on Amazon. Get to know Kristie better on her Deviant Art website.


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