MileHiCon weekend to heat up Halloween

How perfect is it that the date for this year’s MileHiCon is right before Halloween? Pretty darn perfect. Now is the time to get that new cosplay outfit ready for the convention, and bonus opportunity; it happens to be Halloween! This popular Sci-Fi convention will take place Oct 28-30, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency DTC in Denver. Year after year fans attend MileHiCon to check out all things science fiction, fantasy, horror, anime, music, and so much more. Plenty of activities will be on hand such as gaming, screenings, Avistrum Academy of Sorcery and an Avistrum Dark Wizard’s Ball, Critter Crunch/ a robotic Sumo Wrestling competition/ Floatilla milk carton watercraft competition, and a huge art show and auction.

All geeks know that one can never own enough collectables so thankfully there will be a vendor room that will be filled with shiny must-have items. There is also the MileHiCon autograph alley will be looking good with some fascinating authors to meet.

Author John Varley, photo courtesy of MileHiCon

Along with the cosplay and awesome activities, there are the convention guests. MileHiCon’s Guests of Honor will be fun to meet. There is author John Varley who is known for several novels and plenty of short stories, and often with prominent female characters. His story collection ‘The Persistence of Vision’ has won the Hugo and Nebula awards.

Kelley Armstrong, photo courtesy of MileHiCon

Author Kelley Armstrong will also be at convention and excited to meet her fans. She has published 21 fantasy novels with 13 in her ‘Women of the Otherworld’ series, two in her ‘Cainsville’ series, six in her ‘Darkest Powers’ series and three in the ‘Age of Legends’ series. Come and meet Kelley in autograph alley.

Julie Dillon, photo courtesy of MileHiCon

MileHiCon also welcomes artist Julie Dillon. She is an American artist that specializes in sci-fi and fantasy art. Dillon has created images for games, book and magazine covers, and music albums. She has been nominated for the Chesley Award three times; she won the 2010 Chesley Award for Best Unpublished Color for “Planetary Alignment”, and more.

Chaz Kemp, photo courtesy of MileHiCon

The toastmaster is Chaz Kemp is a Colorado artist that specializes in Fantasy, Steampunk, Faeries, Ancient Legends and Heroes drawn in the Art Nouveau style. Also well known and loved in for the band Pandora Celtica.

Dakota Frank, photo credit to Mandy Scott

Spolight on Dakota Frank

Mile High area geeks know Dakota Frank. Not only is Dakota one of the bravest badasses in Colorado, he happens to be a super talented writer. Dakota will be at MileHiCon offering his very cool Sacred Self Cards. On one side of the card is a prayer for peace, love, and strength. On the other side is an affirmation that he wrote. His good friend Robin did the artwork for the affirmation side, and he did the artwork for the prayer’s side. These cards will be selling in packs of eight with lovely handmade pouches. Stop by to say hello to Dakota.

For more information and tickets check out MileHiCon’s website. Get ready for Halloween and see you all there!


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