Colorado Captain America fans ride for children’s charity

Colorado Captain

Colorado cosplayers will jump on their motorcycles and let their superhero capes fly in order to raise money to help out Denver area kids. This charity motorcycle ride called “Marvelous Ride” has been organized by Denver’s own local Captain America look-alike, Colorado Captain, and will take place on Oct 1, 2016 starting at 10 a.m. Motorcycle enthusiasts are well known for their charity rides, and this event will bring out the best in metro area’s geek culture and superheroes. The theme is “Super Heroes” and costumes are not required. However, what would be the fun in that? Just picture it; motorcycles cruising the streets dressed as the superheroes they truly are as they raise money to benefit kids through Realities for Children.

The route will begin in Colorado Springs and end up at the Estes Park Brewery with fun check in points along the way such as Alamo Draft House and Time Warp Comics. Don’t own a bike? No problem. Get creative with those cars and join in the fun. Colorado Captain will be leading the group with motorcycles in front, and cars in back. Of course there will be photo ops along the way so that kids and adults alike can meet their favorite superheroes up and down the Front Range. The fee is just $20 for riders and $10 for participants (cars). It’s so easy to donate. Check out the GoFundMe page. For more information check out their website and stay current with the Facebook event page.


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