Interview with ‘Supernatural’ badass Kim Rhodes

Loved for her role as Sheriff Jody Mills, Kim Rhodes has found her way in to the hearts of ‘Supernatural’ fans. Her Twitter bio boasts that she “cusses a full metric fuckton more than my Disney work would lead you to believe.” This Portland born actress balances her acting career with her daughter and husband. No stranger to families, one of her most memorable roles was the mom from Disney’s ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.’ It is impossible not to smile when talking to this very talented actress.

Colleen Bement: All Supernatural fans would absolutely love for the writers to bring back Sheriff Mills. We will live and hope, but until then, tell your fans about the projects are you currently working on.

Kim Rhodes: Well, my daughter is starting kindergarten so I’d say that’s a huge project. I’m writing, trying to catch up on my blog and get further into a couple other projects. And in October a film comes out ‘Atlas Shrugged Part Two’ and I have a pretty darn good part in that. But I gotta be honest; I’m really hoping ‘Supernatural’ brings me back. I mean, who doesn’t want to go back on that show. My fingers are crossed that they find a way to use me.

CB: Do you have any hidden talents?

KR: Uh…. Wow. That’s a loaded question. I’m guessing by now it’s not exactly a secret that I write, although “talent” might be a bit overstating my abilities. I’m really good with dogs, if that counts? And, um…I can whistle pretty well.

CB: Would you call yourself a healthy eater or junk food junkie?

KR: I’m in between. It’s pure vanity that keeps me eating healthy, but I adore fried food and sugar. Plus I have to set a better example for my kid so she doesn’t think Doritos and nacho cheese is a viable lunch option.

CB: What’s your favorite comic book?
KR: Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman.’ No question.

CB: I read that you are certified in four kinds of stage combat. Have you ever choreographed a fight?
KR: It’s three, actually. Rapier and dagger is one thing. I’ve never choreographed anything beyond a slap. I probably couldn’t. It’s an advanced skill and a huge step between doing and choreographing.


CB: A friend of mine trains in Jiu-Jitsu. Have you ever done Kickboxing or a similar sport?
KR: Nope. I’m a wimp.

CB: I caught a glimpse of your fabulous tattoo at the Burbank Convention. I myself have three of them and I’m a big fan. Can you share the inspiration behind yours?
KR: Ha! Yeah. It started as a simple Native NW design of a raven my mom gave me. Kind of a tribute to her. Then the moon went in, she found that for me too, but they needed a world to live in. I found an artist I loved. Kirk Alley. He’s brilliant. And I told him I wanted the front to be a lullaby since I hoped eventually a baby would grow under it. And I wanted a tree. Trees remind me of my family. The back went in after my mother died and it’s a tribute to heavenly support and beginnings. I plan on continuing up when I can. Time, money, and, you know, getting Kirk when he’s available.


CB: Is there anyone you would get star struck over if you ran into them?
KR: Danny Elfman, David Tennant, Robert Downey Jr., Tori Amos, Angelina Jolie, Oprah.

CB: I am going to end with what’s become my signature final question. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk up song be?
KR: ‘No One Lives Forever’ by Oingo Boingo

Check out Kim’s blog.


Original date of interview 2012


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