DINK Denver gets a new home

Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo (DINK) is making its new home in the McNichols Civic Center Building. After a successful inaugural year, this grassroots arts festival is already expanding and will take place next Apr 8-9, 2017. Formerly the Carnegie Library established in 1909, this building stood as a convergence of learning in Denver. Still with its beautiful Neoclassical design, this place just proves how Downtown Denver is a hub of culture and the arts. The first DINK expo hosted five floors of fabulous art made up of up comics, zines, books, paintings, drawings, and activities.  No doubt 2017 will be even brighter.

DINK Denver promo
]Attention indie artists, the DINK registration for exhibition and DINKy awards just opened and is currently accepting international, national and locally celebrated artists, publishers, designers, graffiti artists, tattoo artists, zine makers and independent graphic novelists of all kinds. Artists and art enthusiasts will check out the works of up and coming talented indie artists. Attendees will not only leave with good memories, but some unique and hard to find items made up of pure creativity. According to Creator and organizer Charlie LeGreca, DINK is not just pop culture; it is “pre-culture, which is like what’s happening before pop culture stuff. It’s the art and the trailblazers, where you can discover these things–handmade, at the beginnings; some of them big, some of them not.”


DINK is more than just an art show. This festival actually gives back to the community with its non-profit pilot program Camp Comic Book at the beautiful Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO. In partnership with the Denver Zine Library, this annual camp out and retreat will be one part comic and art education, and one part outward bound. It provides inner city and under-served youth a paid for program to enjoy a rich and beautiful learning environment. Be sure to follow all the fun at DINK’s website.


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