My interview with the talented and adorable ‘The Hillywood Show’ sisters

The Hillywood Show‘ came to Denver Comic Con 2016 and sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi were a huge hit. These super talented sisters have been delighting audiences with ‘The Hillywood Show’ since 2006 with their parody videos of hit TV shows like ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Doctor Who’ and film series’ such as ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Twilight’, ‘Harry Potter’, and ‘Hunger Games’. Their ‘Supernatural’ parody alone has had over ten million views, and their YouTube channel has over one million subscribers. The reason is obvious. The writing, directing, acting, singing, dancing are professionally stellar as well as the costumes and make-up. My interview with the very charming and adorable Hindi sisters had me smiling for hours.


Colleen Bement: How did you come up with the idea for the ‘Supernatural’ parody?

Hilly Hindi: For a long time we were wanting to, but I could never narrow it down to a certain theme or aspect of it. It just seemed too wide. I didn’t want to put out a bad parody. I desperately wanted to put one out. I just waited until something kind of stuck; something sparked. When the Mark of Cain story came out, I really latched on to that. It was so solid and it lasted quite a few episodes. I don’t really remember how “Shake it Off” came into play, only that it was on my playlist. I just started seeing angels and demons jumping around, and I was like what is happening? I kind of just went with it. I got this rush of butterflies –Dean shakes his hands like he’s trying to shake off the mark (laughing). That’s kind of where it came from.

CB: And you guys are both ‘Supernatural’ fans?
Hilly and Hannah: Yes!

Hilly: Very well done show. Great cast and crew.



CB: This is random, but how do you hide your hair?
Hilly: It’s sort of a magic trick. We don’t want to give away all of our secrets, but it’s basically just just stuck up in there, nice and tidy, to get it out of the way.
Hannah: We wish we could say they are TARDIS wigs–bigger on the inside.



Hilly: It takes about an hour to get the hair up in there. We usually assist each other.



CB: How did you come up with the ‘Doctor Who’? The dancing at the end with the Time Warp was brilliant.
Hilly: Same thing with ‘Doctor Who’, I had to narrow it down. 10th’s my favorite doctor and it made it a bit easier to narrow it down. I actually don’t remember too well; it was a long time ago. It was about time and the “Time Warp”, and it was all about traveling with the doctor. I had to make it about the universe and all of the episodes. By the end of it, celebrating the whole version of that doctor’s life.
Hannah: It was kind of bitter sweet. We wanted not just to involve Donna, but we wanted to involve all the companions.
Hilly: I didn’t meant to make it sad at the end, but it is kind of sad. The Doctor’s “I don’t wanna go” at the end of ten, I was like wow: I didn’t mean to make it sad.



CB: So David Tennant is your favorite doctor?
Hilly: Yeah, he’s our favorite. He’s just so quirky and I latched on to him easier than I did with other doctors.
CB: Who is your favorite companion?
Hannah: I like Rose. I thought their chemistry was very cute. We do really like Donna for the comical side of it, because Doctor Who with Rose is more dramatic and more serious, and sometimes light-hearted, but Donna would point out the obvious with every villain-like the elephant in the room. She make it a different feel.
Hilly: She would never take the villain seriously. She was always like skeptical about them and would say, are you serious? She would totally make it a different feel. We enjoyed that season because she was hilarious.



CB: What do you in your spare time when you’re not entertaining all of us?
Hilly: Honestly not a lot. I don’t think people realize how much we work on Hillywood. I work 14 hour days just for Hillywood. There’s running the social networks, updating the website; we’re enveloped in Hillywood. We never want to let the fans down. Plus we’re editing blogs, and editing the Sherlock parody. This is my life. When we have time we say let’s just have dinner. Sit down and pet the dogs, come over and just have dinner. Very rare she’ll go out hiking (Hannah) or I’ll go to a dance class. Especially with ‘Sherlock’ coming out. Maybe once ‘Sherlock’ is out we’ll finally have time to breath. It’s constant–it’s hard work. Like I haven’t played Mario Kart in like 8 weeks!
Hannah: Dinner with Grandma–like catching up with the family. That’s the best thing.
Hilly: We’re having it tonight. (excited)
Hannah: Like tonight, she’s making a lemon butter chicken. Sorry, it’s lunch time.


CB: Do you have any favorite bands or musicians?
Hannah: I listen to a lot of random music. I usually have it on Pandora. I range all over the place. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes country music. I just leave it on Pandora and soak it all in. The songs are just about normal lives, like there’s a song called “Stay Humble and Kind”. It’s calming from the stress of what we do. I also like some pop songs like Lady Gaga. It’s all over the map.
Hilly: I listen to classic rock from the ’70s and ’80s. I got it from my dad. When we were little we would listen to like Christian ’80s rock. No matter whether it was Christian or secular, we loved those songs growing up. Now it’s like Steve Miller Band for me, Earth Wind and Fire, Journey… I love them whenever I’m in the car I have to listen to it. Because I heard it in the crib, it’s just like I have to listen to it; it makes me feel really good. I love record players too. I have a record player and I put Queen on. I love that stuff. It’s just more fun to play!


CB: Sam or Dean?
Hilly: Dean. Obviously for me because I play Dean. I’ve always related more to Dean with the sarcasm and not so emotional.
Hannah: I just like how he makes everything calm. Like he’s serious but he has more fun in life. I think Sam’s a little more stressed out half the time. I like that character that Jensen turned him into.
Hilly: I think that’s what is so cool about the show is that it’s not about a love triangle, it’s just two brothers and it’s very rare to show the love of a family bond, and think that’s why it does so well. It’s just a solid show. They will do anything for eachother and people like to see that. They understand what the audience wants to see and they keep nailing it.


CB: Sherlock: Are we allowed to know when it’s coming out?
Hilly: Right now it’s a secret, but there have been a few set backs. We have a lot of it edited and it looks amazing. But right now it’s kind of in limbo because we’re waiting on some re-shoots and things like that. I’ve been telling the fans that it wouldn’t be tradition if they didn’t have to wait for ‘Sherlock’. And just know that the more weeks that are going by, it’s only because we’re making the parody the best it can be. We’re really doing the best that we can because people love ‘Sherlock’ so freaking much.


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