Interview with the lovely ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ actress Nana Visitor 

Popular Denver sci-fi convention StarFest took place this past Mar 11-13, 2016 and actress Nana Visitor was one of the highlighted guests. Best known for her role as Major Kira Nerys from ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’, this New York City born actress is enjoying a successful career with roles in huge shows like ‘Battlestar Galactia’, ‘Castle’, ‘Family Guy’, and many more. Visitor is such a down to earth delight and I was fortunate to grab a few minutes with this talented actress.

Colleen Bement: What can you tell me about your role as Xan in the mini-series ‘Full Out?’

Nana Visitor: Oh my gosh. That was fun. I flew to Chicago, and it was the one time I’ve been in a crew of just one man; it was all women. It was very powerful and comfortable, and there was such a sharing of power. It was interesting. Sometimes one person would be in charge, and at other times it was collaborative. It was one of my favorite jobs to do.  It was obvious that everyone was focused on making a good piece. Everybody moved around in an amorphous blob to make it happen.
CB: What are you allowed to share about role as Dr. Samantha Stamen in ‘Unbelievable!!!!!?’

NV: Really not much. It was years ago. I just flew out to LA, and did a couple of crazy scenes. You never know what that’s going to look like. It’s not in my control. I’ll be as curious as anyone else to see what that whole thing looks like.
CB: I lost my Bajoran earring. I’m curious, do you happen to have any keepsakes that you “accidentally” snuck off the set of ‘Deep Space Nine?’

NV: I do have my earring. I did have my nose. I don’t know what happened to it. It got lost in a move.  I did take a big piece off the promenade, but that too got lost in the move. It actually got taken. Somewhere, someone has a big boney ugly fish and they’re probably like what the hell could this be?
CB: ‘Family Guy’ happens to be one of my favorite shows. I laugh my ass off every single episode. What was it like to be a part of that show?

NV: Working with him (Seth MacFarlane) is unbelievable; it’s unbeliable. My sons, and my husband watch the show a lot. It was always a little too rough for me so I didnt  really watch it.  I had seen a couple of episodes, so I really had no idea that he (MacFarlane) played practically everyone. When he’s working with you, he goes from one one character to another with  no space. He’s a different person like within seconds. I just couldn’t believe who I was working with. I would do anything to work with him again. He’s one of those weird people that can do it all.

CB: Is there anyone that  would get star struck over if you ran into them?

NV: Such an interesting question. There is someone. I have met him, and I did get star struck. There’s a picture of me with him and I look like a 15 year old fan girl. He’s a performance artist named Puddles Pity Party. Look him up. He travels all over the world, and he is always, always dressed as a clown. He is like seven feet tall, and he is one of the best singers-best performers that you will ever hear. He’s another weird one. Do you know what I did? I mean, I know how it all works–I’ve been in conventions for years. He (Puddles) had a line of people standing and waiting to take pictures with him. I cut the line. I can’t believe I did it. To this day, I can’t believe I did it.  I cut the line to get a picture with Puddles Pity Party.


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