Alan Tudyk chats about ‘Con Man’ his comic book ‘Spectrum’

Alan Tudyk has added comic book writer to his resume. Browncoats and comic book fans around the world snagged their copies of the comic book ‘Spectrum‘ on Free Comic Book Day May 7, 2016. This very shiny four-issue comic mini-series was written by Tudyk and novelist/producer PJ Haarsma, with art by Sarah Stone (Transformers). Fresh off ‘Con Man‘ fame, the comic book ‘Spectrum’ follows the adventures of the canceled show of the same name. Sound familiar ‘Firefly’ fans?
This El Paso, TX born actor is best known and loved for his role as Wash from the ‘Firefly’ verse, Wat from ‘A Knight’s Tale’, Steve the Pirate from ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story’, and the string of TV series’ and films goes on and on. Our favorite Serenity pilot is super busy working on ‘Con Man’ season two, and I was lucky to grab a few minutes out of his day.

Colleen Bement: What inspired you create ‘Spectrum’? Only four issues? Can fans look forward to more at some point?
Alan Tudyk: ‘Con Man’ was the jumping off point for ‘Spectrum’ in a sense. My character, Wray Nerely in the series ‘Con Man’, was on a cancelled television show, so I had to create that show. I wanted it to be a show that had a rag tag group of personalities going on new missions every week like my favorite real life sci-fi television show. PJ Haarsma wrote a four book series of YA novels called ‘The Softwire Series’. He and I came up with a way for this ragtag crew from Earth to intersect with some of his central characters from The Softwire to create a new series of books that the fictional too-soon-cancelled television show “Spectrum.” could be based on. These four comic books tell how the crew came together and gives some backstory on the spaceship they call home, ‘The Spectrum’.


CB: ‘Con Man’ is completely awesome. I just have to ask, how in the world did you all keep it together on set?

AT: I was writing directing and producing for the first time ever while also acting. I had the mushy brain of a sleepy toddler, I didn’t keep it together.


CB: Referring to ‘Con Man’ and avid fans, do they really do things similar to the famous bathroom scene? What was the worst? What was the best?

AT: The bathroom scene where I was questioned by a super fan in a neighboring stall was based on a real experience that took place in a bathroom at the stalls. It was a perfect place to set the first scene of the series. You can’t get more vulnerable and exposed in a public place than that, and if you can you don’t want to know about it.


CB: No doubt there’s not much that you can say about ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’. Can you tell your fans about the experience on the set? What are you allowed to share?
AT: It was a blast that I can’t wait to chit chat about sooooooooooooon.


CB: What can you share about any other projects you have in the works?
AT: ‘Con Man’ season two is taking up all my time. It is going to be bigger, better and then dipped in batter fried to a golden crisp then sprinkled in powdered sugar…I’m sorry I’m really, really hungry. I’ve been working without food breaks.

CB: Do you have any “hidden talents” that you can share with your fans?
AT: I can sunburn at night.


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