John Carroll Lynch chats the making of ‘The Walking Dead’ episode Here’s Not Here

Walker Stalker Con came to Denver this past April 2-3, 2016, and one of the favorite guests to come meet his fans was actor John Carroll Lynch. Best known to ‘The Walking Dead’ fans as Eastman from the incredible episode called “Here’s Not Here”, and probably known and feared his character of Twisty the Clown from ‘American Horror Story’. He was also the calm and wondering husband Norm Gunderson from the film ‘Fargo’, Steve Carey from ‘The Drew Carey Show’, Arthur Leigh Allen from ‘Zodiac’, and it is well worth scrolling down to view the rest of his amazing filmography. Lynch took time out of his busy con schedule to chat.

Colleen Bement: What was it like filming the episode that many consider to be one of the finest episodes of the series?
John Carroll Lynch: I really loved the words and I loved working with Lennie on it. The crew down there is terrific. They’re bonded, you know, because they work in such difficult circumstances all the time. They’re in the middle of nowhere, always, so they only have themselves to rely on. I thought the words were great, and I really think it’s nice to have played a character where I don’t kill anybody, I don’t abuse anybody, I don’t kidnap anybody. I actually do the exact opposite. It’s actually an earned story. It’s somebody who’s come to a place of redemption, which I don’t know about you, but I think everybody needs that.

CB: What projects do you have in the works that you can share with your fans?
JCL: April 8th at cinema draft houses all around the United States, a fantastic movie called ‘The Invitation’ is opening. It’s a great film, and it’s directed by. And ‘The Founder’ which is a Ray Crock story about the growth of McDonalds with Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, and myself. In August, I’m in ‘Jackie’ which Natalie Portman plays Jacqueline Kennedy, three days after the assassination. It’s a fantastic story.

CB: Do you have a favorite superhero?
JCL: Right now, I really like ‘Daredevil’. I like the show, but I also like the comic. I always liked the blind guy.


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