Hiatus ghost hunting for Denver ‘Supernatural’ fans

The hiatus in between seasons is something ‘Supernatural‘ viewers dread. Yet for little or no cost, local Denver area fans can find their own ghost hunting adventures to help pass the time. Follow those Winchester hunting tips and seek out those cold spots. All that is needed is a smartphone and an open mind in order to enjoy the summer’s hiatus by visiting the local haunts.

The first step is to download an EMF detector on a smartphone. Ghost radar and EMF Detector are free apps that will provide endless entertainment. The Ghost Radar, made by Spud Pickles, will hopefully detect paranormal activity through colors and words. The other must have app is called the EMF Meter. This app is made by SuperPhunLabs and it will provide ghost hunting enthusiasts with a detector made of both numbers and sounds.

Historic and haunted Stanley Hotel credit me
The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO

There are three main venues for ghost hunting in the Denver area. Widely believed to be haunted is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Best known for being the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shining’, this elegant hotel has a fabulous ghost hunting tour. ‘Supernatural’ fans can put their EMF detectors to good use.They also offer up room numbers 217 and 401 that are highly sensitive to paranormal activity and are often reserved a year in advance.

Another opportunity to break out the EMF detector is a tour of the Capitol Hill area of Downtown Denver. The Capitol Hill Ghost Tour will provide a guided tour of Denver’s most haunted mansions. According to historian Phil Goodstein “When conditions at the Capitol get intense, people down in the tunnels will get an eerie feeling that something is looking over their shoulder.”

Supernatural Road Trip 5

However, a free and fun way for ‘Supernatural’ fans to spend a day is to visit Colorado’s historic mining towns. Simply pack a picnic lunch and head up Interstate 70 to enjoy old mining towns Idaho Springs, Georgetown, and Silver Plume. There’s a lovely little park in the middle of downtown Idaho Springs that is perfect for a picnic. With just over an hour drive from Denver, the EMF detectors will hopefully be teaming with fun.

There is more to summer than just reruns. The time in between seasons of ‘Supernatural’ can be spent in Colorado searching for ghosts and a good story to tell.


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