The horror was in the cheese

Looking back to a season seven episode of ‘Supernatural’ we found out that sometimes the horror is in the cheese. The Winchester brothers came face to face with Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie and discovered new types of terror. According to the character of Tyler in Friday’s episode, Plucky Pennywhistle’s pizza “tastes like butt.” The entire episode was a perfect spoof on the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant franchise. Anyone who has tasted Chuck’s pizza knows of its cheesy horrors. From the restaurant’s futile games to the cheesy animal costumed employees, it’s no surprise that many young adults these days are revisited by their childhood anxieties.

Plenty of ‘Supernatural’ viewers connected with Sam Winchester as he faced his fear of clowns. They felt the apprehension brought on by their own experiences with such disturbing clowns as Ronald McDonald and Chuck E. Cheese. Many may have relieved their trauma of watching the alarming animatronic creatures perform on broken down stages. It’s not just the cheesy songs that were performed by these so-called magical animals, but the vision of how these creatures would collapse to their death after signing their cheesy songs. It didn’t help that these creepy singing robots had grown increasingly haunting with age. Whether it was a creepy clown or a disturbing giant mouse, children of all ages had more to deal with than just bad pizza.


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