Interview with ‘Supernaturals’ Rob Benedict

Fans of CW’s television show ‘Supernatural’ know and love Rob Benedict for his role as the prophet Chuck Shurley. He’s also well known for his roles in ‘Felicity, and the hilarious film ‘Waiting’. When he’s not busy filming, he’s writing and performing with his Los Angeles band Louden Swain. Enjoy the interview with Rob who says acting is his profession and music is his passion.


Colleen Bement: Tell me about the Louden Swain new album Eskimo. Was there a particular inspiration behind it?

Rob Benedict: We knew we wanted to make a record. I write these songs with an acoustic guitar and the guys kind of form a song around that. Some songs happen organically just based on the mood we’re in. We saw that there was this theme about isolation, feeling out of place and trying to find your place. We went with that image of an Eskimo in a parka in the middle of a desert. He’s trying to find his way home out of the desert. We put pictures of Eskimos all over the studio. The video for is all of us dressed in parkas rockin’ out in the middle of the desert.


CB: I understand you guys have been together for about ten years? How did you all come together as a band?

RB: It happened organically. Me, Mike, and my bass player, were all introduced through mutual friends. We started getting together once a week playing cover songs on two guitars. Slowly we started writing our own music. Mike decided to play base just to switch it up. One night we played at a party and a drummer came up to us and asked us if we wanted a drummer? We were like yea, that would be incredible. Once you have a drummer you kind of have a band. After that it kind of took off. We met Billy when his other band broke up. He brought it together. The sound we have today is because of him. We gelled together.


CB: Are you more passionate about your music or your acting?

RB: At the end of the day it all comes from the same place. It’s in my desire to create and be an artist. Acting was always the thing I wanted to do with my life, ever since I was a kid. It’s my true occupation. Music has always been my true passion, love doing it whether I get paid for doing it or not. Acting is my profession and music is my passion, my release.


CB: Supernatural’ fans would absolutely love for the writers to bring back Chuck Shurley.

RB:  I would love to go back and recreate Chuck. The most fun I had was reading the scripts, turning the pages, and seeing what Chuck would get to do that week. The writers really had a handle on him. I loved playing that role. The fan response has been gratifying. It’s great when you play a role and people get it in the way you wanted them to. Doing the conventions and meeting the fans has also been rewarding for me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


CB: Is there anyone you would get star struck over?

RB: I get more star truck over musicians than actors. Although in this movie I was doing with Russell Crowe, in my mind I was like oh my God that’s Russell Crowe! But I’m a fan boy of Pearl Jam. They really struck a chord with me. They put a lot of energy into it for their fans. I had this opportunity once to get back stage with Eddie Vedder. I was trying so hard to act cool, and to not be a wallflower. I was trying to come up with something to say, so I asked this guy next to me if he could ask Eddie if I could bum a cigarette. I wasn’t even smoking. I just wanted something to say. I was just shy and Eddie, without even looking at me, grabbed the pack of cigarettes and moved it over in front of me. I thought yes! He heard me. That was awesome.


CB: What was it like working on the set with the girls on ‘Birds of Prey’.

RB:  It only lasted a season but it was about this lead girl who was Batman’s daughter. It’s very much like a comic book. My character was like a cartoon version of who I really am, kind of sensitive and emotional. He was an over the top and fun character to play.


CB: If you were a baseball player, what would your walk-up song be?

RB:  That’s an awesome question. I’m a big baseball fan. I would say my song would be the song Go by Pearl Jam. It’s energetic and he’s talking about his car telling it to start. Please start so I can drive you. It’s my man Eddie!


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