Soak in the healing waters of Pagosa Springs

Visitors travel from around the world to soak in the healing waters of Pagosa Springs. Even Oprah Winfrey made the journey and boasted about her experience on her show. People in the Denver area need only set aside a three day weekend to find rest and rejuvenation. Labor Day Weekend is the ideal opportunity to find that much needed serenity. With just a five hour drive one can be immersed in the hot mineral springs that can recharge even the weariest of souls. Drivers from the East will be in for a treat with the incredible scenic overlooks, especially the one called Treasure Falls.
Pagosa Springs offers more than any other areas of its kind. The Springs Resort and Spa provides couples with much needed cuddling time while the kids can find themselves lost in their own fun activities. This luxurious resort features 21 pools of various sizes with closely monitored temperatures ranging from 96 to 120 degrees. Adults can unwind from the daily grind with a glass of wine.


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