Royal Gorge Bridge takes visitors to great heights

Just a short drive past Colorado Springs, the Royal Gorge Bridge is an ideal way to enjoy a day of adventure with the family. Located in Canon City, Colorado, this amazing site can take away the breath of even the bravest of souls. Hanging 956 feet high and spanning a quarter mile across a wide canyon, it is one of the world’s highest suspension bridges. Knowing that this bridge made of steel and wood was built back in 1929, it can be a bit terrifying to look through one inch cracks in the wood planks as one makes their way to the other side.

Stop and take pictures through the cracks of the wood walkway for a thrill. Or for the faint of heart one can focus straight ahead to the other end of the bridge. For an even bigger charge take the Soaring Eagle Zip Line that travels over 1400 feet of granite canyon walls from 1,000 to 800 feet above the Arkansas River and back. For those guests who need an even stronger adrenaline rush, there is the Royal Rush Skycoaster that will shoot the rider at 50 miles per hour over 1300 above the River. Panoramic views await the visitors who ride the Aerial tram and glides far above the river at 1,178 feet.

Probably one of the most fascinating and yet easier rides is to explore the bottom of the canyon by taking the incline railways. One of the steepest in the world it travels at only three miles per hour down the stark canyon walls to the bottom of the Arkansas River. In addition to seeing the adventurous whitewater rafters floating by, the views from below the bridge are nothing short of surreal. For the younger kids there are children’s programs, a petting zoo, and even mule rides to the rim of the gorge.

Flags from every state fly proudly across the Royal Gorge Bridge. Visitors from all across the globe come to enjoy the panoramic views, and people in Denver are lucky to be able to make a day trip out of it.


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