Get a thrill on tubing hill

The Denver Area offers more in the winter than just skiing. For those who don’t enjoy shooting down a hill on two slippery sticks, or those who want to try something different, tubing might just be the winter activity for you. Just a two hour drive from Denver, The Original Fraser Tubing Hill is a great place to spend Colorado winter’s day. Especially for those on a budget, this activity is perfect for both families and couples looking for a great time. Turn off the television and get outside to enjoy a sunny day in our beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Of course the best part of tubing is the exhilarating ride down the steep slopes. No one relishes the necessary task of carrying that giant tube back up the hill. Fraser Tubing Hill has a safe tow rope that brings the rider back up the hill in minutes. For those on a budget, a picnic in the car with the warming sun is a great idea. There are also plenty of casual dining places to enjoy in Fraser. Locals talk about The Crooked Creek Saloon and Elevation Pizza both on Zerex Avenue. They have a small warming hut where tubers can warm up with a hot beverage. Just one thing to keep in mind is to bring cash or check only and the pricing ranges from $16-$22 depending on the length of rental time.


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