Flatirons Vista Trailhead offers a mellow Boulder hike

Just South of Boulder off highway 93 is a mellow hike through fields of green and ponderosa pine trees. With the stark mountains in the distance and the colorful wildflowers in the foreground, the Flatirons Vista Trail is the perfect place for a weekend stroll. This trail is a 3.3 mile loop leading out from the trailhead westward through plenty of wildflowers and meadow greenery.

The trail begins with a wide open space that meanders through wildflowers and strands of giant thistles. Make a wish with the thistles and breathe in the fresh mountain air as the path continues for less than a mile. Gradually the trail continues through beautiful ponderosa pine trees before meeting up with the junction of the Doudy Draw Trail. The Spring Brook Loop can also be accessed by following the Doudy Draw trail about one mile past the junction with Flatirons Vista.

For those who prefer a brief hike, there is a Flatirons Vista Trail South that offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy a much shorter loop. Bicycles are allowed on the Flatirons Vista Trails, Prairie Vista, and the connecting with Doudy Draw trail. The elevation is rather low so the heat can be a little difficult in the summer. A water bottle and a small snack will be all that is needed to enjoy this beautiful Boulder hike.


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