Cool fall weather creates the ideal Garden of the Gods visit

The leaves are turning and the heat of summer has finally faded. Fall in Colorado is the ideal time of year to take advantage of the lower elevation hiking spots. Just outside of Colorado Springs visitors will find the most spectacular views at the Garden of the Gods Park. Incredible red Sandstone rock formations can be seen in every direction. With the famous Pikes Peak just down the road, there are plenty of hiking opportunities to fill up the day. As with most Colorado hiking spots, the fresh mornings are the best times to explore to avoid the possibility of afternoon storms. Admission to the park is free and perfect for the entire family.

Garden of the Gods me
With approximately 15 miles of trails, even some paved, this is a great place to bring the out of town guests. Come lunch time there is a nice visitor’s center and even a café to grab a quick snack or even a lunch. The café offers both indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate the changes in the weather. For the rock climbers seeking a challenge, Garden of the Gods offers some amazing sites. Hiking boots are better but tennis shoes will work just fine. Be sure to bring the camera fully charged and an extra memory card in hand because the photo opportunities are limitless. The climate is very dry and each visitor should bring at least a liter of water. The drive is a little over an hour from Denver, exit 146 for Garden of the Gods Road off Interstate 25.

Garden of the Gods 1


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