Bergen Peak offers ambitious day hike

With less than an hour drive from Denver the Bergen Peak trailhead in Evergreen offers an ambitious day hike. Popular for both hiking and biking, this trail will lead up to the peak through a series of switchbacks. Although it is a fairly easy incline, the round trip is a total of 9.5 miles with an elevation gain of about 2,700 feet. Plenty of water and comfortable hiking boots are a must as this adventure takes about four hours to complete.

The trail starts out with a stroll through a beautiful green meadow filled with wildflowers and small trees. The wide dirt path will begin to narrow as the hiker leaves the meadow loop and heads up the Bergen Peak trail. From there on enthusiasts will encounter lovely pine trees and colorful bushes along a somewhat rocky path. The variety of trees including two types of Aspens and scented Ponderosa Pines will provide the ideal escape from the city. Travelers up this trail that stop and smell Ponderosa Pines with the reddish colored bark will catch the scent of fresh butterscotch. Reaching the top is a worthwhile payoff with views of spectacular green meadows and trees to the East and a view of Mount Evans to the West.


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